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Ofcom highlights nuisance calls

With customer services being so important, call centres up and down Britain must do their best to ensure that consumers only ever encounter a positive service.  Now Ofcom has revealed that a high level of nuisance calls are plaguing British consumers, making it vital for telephone answering services to take action and avoid upsetting potential customers.

In Ofcom’s latest study it was revealed that individuals experiencing unwanted telephone calls had up to two unsolicited calls every week.  Four fifths of those asked said that there was at least one nuisance call every month.  The report shows just how much of a problem nuisance calling is, with thousands of people across Britain having to bear the brunt of cold calls and dropped phone lines.

Consumer Group Director of Ofcom, Claudio Pollack, said that two calls a week was too many.  “We will use the full range of our powers to tackle abandoned and silent calls, but this is a complex area that requires joint action from a number of different agencies and Government.  We are therefore working with the Government and other regulators to help drive a coordinated and more effective response to nuisance calls,” he added.

With Mr Pollack’s statement in mind, companies might want to look carefully at the call centres and ensure that customers are only being given good experiences in order to encourage loyalty and profit growth.

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