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Ofcom calls for reduction in nuisance calls

Ofcom have urged companies to strive for a reduction in nuisance calls.  Asking call centres to ensure that consumers were only receiving important calls, the regulatory body has teamed up with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to write an open letter to those in the telephone answering services sector.

Many call centres operate a great level of consumer service, providing callers with all the information they need and operating in a good manner.  However, there continues to be some unscrupulous firms who can be bothersome to customers by sending out nuisance or dropped calls.  The ICO is increasingly taking action over this, and in the past few years have sent out 19 enforcement letters to companies who have breached the terms of PECR.  Two of the companies contacted ended up in court, with one being fined £600 and the other £5,200.

Writing the open letter to those in the contact centre community and urging professionals to ensure that they were not breaching nuisance call regulations, Ofcom and the ICO revealed that it is essential not to contact customers who have registered themselves with the TPS and have asked not to be called.  Meanwhile, mass SMS text messages may result in penalties being noted, whilst abandoning calls or sending out silent calls is another area to avoid at all costs.  In addition, the letter said: “Ofcom considers repeated forwarding of inauthentic or inaccurate CLI to be a form of persistent misuse.”

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