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Nuisance calls top complaints poll

Complaints Key Shows Complaining Or Moaning OnlineAll call centres might already be aware of the annoyance that nuisance calls create, but a new poll has shown they are actually the highest cause of irritation to people in Britain. In the latest survey, more than 2,000 people were questioned about the frustrations of everyday life. Whilst things like noise pollution and internet blackouts were mentioned, nuisance calls, particularly those pertaining to accident lawyers and PPI, were mentioned the most often.

Cold calls can be extremely annoying for members of the public, and many trustworthy telephone answering services have had to battle against the negative impact these calls have on the entire industry. In Tandem Bank’s survey, 77 per cent of people said that the most irritating part of modern life was this type of call.

Among those questioned, one in five said they received a daily call from claims management companies (CMCs). Many of these pertain to possible motor claims, workplace accidents or payment protection insurance (PPI).

A report from Axa revealed that such calls were “clearly contributing to be the bane of many people’s lives”. In fact, Axa’s report showed that almost half of the 2,131 people asked said that regulations relating to CMCs need to be tightened. Around 55 per cent said they had not seen a change in the number of CMC calls over the past year, despite the new regulations. Meanwhile, two thirds believe cold calls need to be made illegal.

For call centres, this shows the importance of nuisance calls in everyday life and the extent to which they can annoy consumers. As a result, it is essential to avoid contributing to this problem.

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