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Nuisance calls the focus of regulators

telephone212.1Regulators continue to have nuisance calls in their sights. This means that telephone answering services must ensure they are adhering to compliance legislation and continually review operations to meet customers’ needs.

After a number of high-profile complaints, regulators such as the Claims Management Regulator (CMR), the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and Ofcom continue to take action against unsolicited and nuisance phone calls. Just this month, the CMR levied a fine of £850,000 against the National Advice Clinic after the organisation made millions of calls that were deemed to be a nuisance to consumers. Thousands of complaints were registered, particularly because many consumers were Telephone Preference Service registered and should not have received calls.

Elsewhere, Ofcom have also published a new paper outlining their punitive powers. The regulatory body said they plan to focus on abandoned and silent calls and will strengthen the clarity of guidelines where applicable. Finally, they’ve also said they will be working with the ICO to prioritise enforcement and identify organisations that are conducting nuisance calls.

For the call centre industry as a whole, the increased scrutiny can be a good thing, helping to end nuisance calls and boosting consumer confidence as the sector gains a better reputation for itself. However, it’s essential for businesses to continually assess their operations and ensure they remain compliant; otherwise, companies could be subject to hefty fines and negative branding as a result.

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