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Nuisance calls need multi-pronged approach

Telephone in blueA new report has shown that a multi-pronged approach is needed if nuisance calls are to be eradicated. The Nuisance Calls and Texts Task Force on Consent and Lead Generation publication was convened by watchdog Which?, with the organisation asking call centres to improve marketing practices in order to provide better consumer services.

The telephone answering services industry has been the subject of scrutiny for a long time regarding nuisance calls, and Which? has asked for more action to be conducted by the government and regulators in fining companies who hassle members of the public. However, they also want help from call centres themselves, intimating that a multi-pronged approach will help control the problem.

Which? also chose to change the definition of the term “consent”, adding that “third party consent will not be sufficient to override Telephone Preference Service (TPS) registration”. Other points in the report include the recommendation that Ofcom assess the current awareness level amongst the public on TPS rules for both mobile and landline users, and that senior executives should bear the brunt of responsibility for a company’s behaviour.

Many in the industry have championed the report. One expert, Martyn King, said: “We think the new guidelines are excellent. This is a multifaceted issue which will need to be tackled from multiple angles, as outlined. Bad practice in terms of exchanging marketing data is one of the key issues, and the report describes the best ways to ensure businesses handle their data as they should, and how consumers can be made more aware of their rights and the effects of opting-in.”

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