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Nuisance call solution offered by BT

on the phone23British Telecommunications (BT) is set to launch a new service that will see known nuisance callers automatically routed to a junk voicebox. The news comes at a time when the call centre industry continues to distance itself from rogue vendors who plague consumers with cold calls.

As part of the new service, BT says they will monitor calls to around 10 million domestic customers. As a result, they will be able to automatically divert around 25 million nuisance calls. Customers of the company will also be able to divert unwanted calls themselves.

It is hoped that the new service will go some way toward reducing the levels of nuisance calls people receive. This is because rogue operatives rarely repeat callers if there is no response. With millions of calls diverted, it is hoped there will be less motivation for these companies to operate. However, there are some fears that BT are taking matters into their own hands with their “blacklist”, with the company in control of which numbers are blocked and which are not.

The Fair Telecoms Campaign’s David Hickson said: “Anything that has potential to improve the situation for even a handful of people who receive nuisance calls should be seen as a good thing. However, it is important to recognise that this is only part of the solution to a much wider problem.”

With fewer nuisance calls, the telephone answering services industry may be able to benefit from a better image in the future, with a few offending firms bringing down consumer confidence in the entire sector.

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