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Noise-cancelling headsets improve customer service

Anyone who works in a call centre knows that they can be noisy places.  For telephone answering services that are using standard headsets, there can be a lot of background interruptions when talking to callers, and this can disrupt customer service.  Replacing technology with noise-cancelling headsets can be a great idea for those wanting to increase their client care and ensure agents are performing at their peak efficiency.

Noise-cancelling headsets offer many advantages for contact centres, including making it easier to hold a conversation and allowing callers to feel they are on a more private line.  Reducing background noise on a telephone call is important so that conversations do not have to be repeated.  This not only reduces call length, but offers consumers a more efficient way to solve their problems.  In addition, the use of noise-cancelling technology has shown to increase an agent’s performance, enabling them to get through calls more quickly and efficiently. 

With 2014 having arrived, many companies may be looking for new ways to increase the performance of their call centres.  Whilst 2013 was the year of customer service, this is likely to remain a top priority over the following 12 months too.  This means that offering callers a clear and more private line on which to talk with experienced staff is important, if brand image and customer service quality are to be improved.

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