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No evidence to support cloud security concerns

Magnifying optical glass with locks iconsAs an increasing number of call centres utilise cloud computing, numerous questions are being asked about the safety of this technology. In fact, some organisations might avoid adopting the cloud completely because of fears about data being hacked or lost. However, a new report shows that there is no evidence to back these security concerns; better safeguards are actually one of the three biggest benefits of using the cloud.

For telephone answering services, it is essential to use the latest technology to get ahead, provide the best consumer care, and ensure that they are remaining competitive. New research from Magnetic North shows that 42 per cent of managers from call centres say that ongoing security worries are a hurdle when it comes to cloud adoption. However, in “The truth about cloud contact centre security” report, better online safety was actually touted as one of the top benefits.

Magnetic North’s managing director, David Ford, said: “Our research uncovered a shocking misconception about just how secure cloud contact centres really are. In today’s world, nearly everyone is aware of the benefits of using the cloud, including cost savings, flexibility, and the ability to address the need for multimedia connections. However, it seems that those benefits are being weighed up against the perceived risks, and those perceived risks are unfounded. We aim to bridge that disconnect.”

For call centres considering the cloud, it is worth seriously investigating security fears because they could end up being unfounded.

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