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NLP technology crucial for dealing with customer care

Call CentreFor many call centres, conducting business in the modern era has brought up the huge challenge of providing consistent, high quality consumer care. It is vital for telephone answering services to support their customers or face losing individuals to the competition. However, the vast amount of queries coming into call centres, often from various channels, can be difficult to cope with. Fortunately, natural language processing (NLP) technology helps solve this problem.

NLP is a type of software that is capable of identifying and classifying simple text-based contact from customers, whether these come from email, webchat or the various social networking sites. Being able to organise these contacts enables call centres to provide the best possible customer responses, redirecting people to a self-help option or asking them to contact a call centre, for example.

With many text-based queries dealt with automatically, NLP is able to highlight more complex issues and send customers to an appropriate agent who is trained to deal with the specific issue. By utilising this blend of assisted response and automated services, call centres can more easily manage their text-based channels, thereby ensuring that all customers have the best experience possible.

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