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NICE launches complaints management suite

Complaints Key Shows Complaining Or Moaning OnlineNICE have revealed that they plan to launch a new complaints management suite that can help call centres deal with dissatisfaction amongst consumers and nip problems in the bud. The solution could be invaluable for telephone answering services that want to ensure they get nothing but positive branding.

The latest solution is based around desktop, text, and advanced speech analytics. This means that call centres can detect complaints automatically, regardless of which channel a customer might be complaining on. Complaint status can also be monitored, and statistics and reports can be generated. This means that companies can be alerted of a problem as it begins and intervene, thereby proactively addressing the issue and stopping it before it gets out of hand.

For example, if someone mentions the phrase “this is unfair” during a conversation, the complaints management tool identifies the interaction and classifies it as a potential complaint. It will then be pushed through to a complaints officer for review.

“Companies that are able to mitigate customer complaints up front will be in a better position to create perfect experiences for their customers and mitigate regulatory risk,” said Miki Migdal, President of the NICE Enterprise Product Group. “The solution delivers a single platform that enables these organisations to effectively identify and manage complaints in real time, and take the right measures to predict and prevent them where possible.”

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