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NICE extends real-time authentication to all voice channels

close up shot of human finger pressing landline phone numberAuthenticating callers is essential if telephone answering services want to effectively prevent fraud and keep their consumer accounts safe. Now, NICE has rolled out its real-time authentication solution across all voice channels, making it easier than ever to secure calls.

NICE has announced that call centres will be able to verify a customer within seconds, regardless of whether callers are talking to agents or going through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus. The award-winning real-time authentication tool now creates a single voice print for each customer, which is then used for identification purposes across all available channels. This requires no effort on the consumer’s part, which means that the customer services quality and journey experience are not negatively affected.

Opus Research Lead Analyst Dan Miller explained that many organisations are increasingly realising the value that voice biometrics can offer, especially in its use for fraud loss reduction and authentication. “Yet, the main barrier to adoption is the limited enrolment rates in the IVR channel due to the complexity of the enrolment process,” Mr Miller added.

“With its new offering, NICE addresses this issue, and we expect it to be a key driver for accelerated global growth and wider implementation of large-scale voice authentication systems. As a leader in this market, NICE is well-positioned to steer this important shift,” he explained.

NICE’s new system will ensure that call centres can continue to optimise their consumer care and keep fraud to an absolute minimum. With new solutions identifying callers within seconds, many customers will not even know they have been verified.

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