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NICE enhance BI with Scenario Analyzer

Customer JourneyNICE, one of the leaders in call centre solutions, has unveiled a new tool called Scenario Analyzer. The tool will help companies utilise business intelligence (BI) to boost the analytics of their customer journeys. This means that consumer services can be enhanced, providing an opportunity to maximise the experience people receive.

Revealing details of the new tool, NICE said telephone answering services will be able to conduct accurate analysis based on the cross-channel journeys undertaken by their customers. A number of benefits can be noted, such as the potential to reduce digital-to-human deflection by understanding the route from the internet or mobile to a voice call. Meanwhile, churn can also be reduced by analysing experiences when customers end up leaving a brand. Customer satisfaction can also be increased by analysing journeys that resulted in a poor experience.

Journey experience is particularly important, especially on the back of the NICE-BCG survey, which revealed that 76 per cent of people in 2016 had encountered issues when switching channels. Many respondents believe a perfect journey demands that agents know a consumer’s demands and provide a solution to them.

NICE Enterprise Product Group President Miki Migdal said: “Organisations must strive to create a customer experience that is informed, personalised, and effortless – these are the major hallmarks of excellent customer service. Considering customers use, on average, six different channels to interact with service providers, it is vital for organisations to have comprehensive cross-channel customer journey information at their fingertips so they can meet the needs and expectation of customers at every step of the journey.”

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