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NHS failures highlight need for efficient call centres

A new report into the NHS’ non-emergency line has discovered huge flaws in the call centre.  The failings have highlighted the vital need for telephone answering services to have high quality trained staff that can fulfil the demands placed upon them.

In an undercover investigation, it was found that the NHS’ 111 system was woefully understaffed, left callers waiting for a long time and unnecessarily sent ambulances out to people who did not need them.  Channel 4’s Dispatches programme showed that despite there being a ten-minute call-back target, many consumers were left far longer than this.  In addition, many workers in the call centres were not clinicians, and were, therefore, not trained to give out the correct advice.  Incredibly, one of the managers actually admitted the failings via secret filming, saying: “We had a very bad service.  Still realistically on the weekends we still are unsafe.  We don’t have the staff to deal with the calls that are coming in.”

The undercover investigation goes to show just how important it is to have fully trained agents in a well staffed call centre regardless of the products or services being sold or offered.  Providing callers with the proper care and attention is essential if they are going to be looked after properly and encouraged to utilise a company again.  When call-back times are not adhered too and agents are not trained properly, call centre operations quickly break down.

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