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NewVoiceMedia revolutionises BrightCurrent’s productivity

BLD002523Call centres often look at case studies before they take on new solutions, especially those that alter many core working processes. Now, NewVoiceMedia has explained that clean energy retail sales agency BrightCurrent has used ContactWorld for Sales to revolutionise its productivity. In fact, the firm has increased lead volume by 350 per cent thanks to improved pickup rates and sales efficiency.

Using ContactWorld for Sales, BrightCurrent has developed a lean staffing model and increased the overall performance of its team. The firm managed to boost outbound calls to 40,000 per year and noted a 75 per cent rise in sales representatives’ calls per hour. Meanwhile, in addition to saving between 30 and 60 seconds on each call, pick-up rates from prospects grew to 90 per cent from 60 per cent. Finally, call-to-appointment conversions grew by between 5 and 8 per cent.

BrightCurrent Customer Quality Manager Troy Searcy said: “We’ve been using NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld solution for a few months now and can’t imagine going back; it’s been easy to onboard our reps and the productivity benefits are significant.”

Meanwhile, NewVoiceMedia Chief Executive Jonathan Gale said: “ContactWorld for Sales improved efficiency for inside sales teams and removes administrative burdens. As a result, companies can make more calls and close more deals in less time.”

For telephone answering services that want to boost productivity, turning to a new solution can be an ideal way to streamline processes and increase efficiencies. As this case illustrates, taking the time to integrate a new tool can offer huge rewards.


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