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New technology makes remote working easier

Network cableMany call centres are embracing remote workers, either as standard procedure or as a means of boosting the number of agents available during peak periods. A new piece of technology from Intuitive Solutions is now available that removes the requirement for physical telephony infrastructure and offers individuals a way to conduct all their work via an internet browser.

For a telephone answering service, providing the best customer care is important. Part of this involves reducing queue times and ensuring enough agents are available during busy periods. The new LiveOps WebRTC Solution from Intuitive Solutions allows people to transform their computer into a full agent desktop by using a browser. This makes using virtual agents easier than ever before.

“The ability to expand our contact centre with at-home agents has been a big win for us in terms of adding additional, on-demand capacity for seasonal business and spikes in customer service requests,” Intuitive Solutions’ chief operations officer, Tory Rutledge, explained. “This solution creates a cost-savings opportunity for us and our at-home agents, which we are able to pass on to our customers.”

The cloud technology allows agents to make and receive calls through their browser, meaning they no longer require telephone systems, desktop phones or other traditional call centre equipment. For companies increasingly using virtual workers, the new solution could be the ideal answer to homeworking questions.

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