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New technology helps call centre management

A call centre is only as good as the agents on the frontline, so ensuring these individuals are as good as possible at their jobs, is essential.  Now, Interactive Intelligence has released supervisory software for the iPad and iPad mini, helping managers and supervisors of telephone answering services ensure their staff members are staying on track.

The new “Interaction Supervisor iPad Edition” allows supervisors to conduct their work as they move around a call centre.  This helps both staff management and quality assurance.  The software comes with real-time alerts that pre-determined thresholds have been exceeded, such as in the case where hold time averages rise.  In addition, a customisable dashboard means that managers can wirelessly access statistics, speech analytics and service levels as they move around the call centre floor.  There is also an easy agent locator, allowing mangers to have complete control over where and what their employees are doing.

Joe Staples, Interactive Intelligence’s chief marketing officer, said: “We designed Interaction Supervisor iPad Edition to help supervisors react more quickly to agent and customer issues wherever and whenever.  Faster decision-making based on detailed, real-time statistics means organisations can further improve their customers’ experience – and that’s what we’re all about.”

For call centres wanting to improve their performance, using software such as this, can be a great way to increase standards.  By providing real-time support to agents, an entire company’s productivity can be boosted.

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