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New survey tool launched by Hostcomm

Survey Concept.Surveys can be an important tool for modern call centres, helping companies gauge their customers’ feelings and identify possible problems. Now, Hostcomm has launched Surveys, an application that is integrated with a hosted dialler and offers the potential for online and face-to-face surveys.

Telephone answering services have a lot of competition nowadays, which means they must excel at customer services or risk losing people to other firms. As a result, it is essential to know what consumers are thinking and get feedback on transactions and consumer care. Surveys are a great way of doing this.

With Hostcomm Survey, call centres can integrate the survey with a dialler, thereby increasing the number of calls agents can actually get through. This enables agents to spend more time on surveys and lose less time dialling. In addition, no extensive training is required for the survey system. The tool is optimised for mobile devices, and it can be utilised to conduct face-to-face interviews.

Chris Key, Hostcomm’s director, explained: “It’s time consuming to train agents on asking the right questions, to capture and collate the data, and then to turn it into a meaningful report. We’ve created a system that’s highly configurable, guides agents through the process, and transforms the results into detailed reports. It’s a way to help clients get the benefit of regular surveys, regardless of the type of survey they’re conducting.”

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