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New Survey Reveals South Africa is a Growing Outsourcing Location

Call centre outsourcing has mostly been located in India and Asia. There is a new survey, however, showing that South Africa is becoming more popular for outsourcing services.

Call centres in India and the Philippines have been popular for UK companies to use. They are leaders in the field of outsourcing. However, becoming more important in the industry is South Africa, Brazil, Poland, Ireland, Egypt, Morocco and Costa Rica. Mexico and Singapore are also growing in popularity with UK companies, who wish to outsource their telephone answering services.

A business analyst by the name of John Willmott stated that South Africa has seen substantial growth in the last couple of years. The UK has used South Africa quite a bit. In recent months Australia and the USA are also starting to use South African telephone answering services. Many of the call centres are located in the Western Cape. Overall, there is a global network of more than 340 companies in various sectors using the outsourcing call centres in South Africa.

These centres account for around 10,000 jobs in South Africa. This has also helped the country. Similarly, Brazil has increased their job availability by 5,000 to 10,000 as a result of call centre outsourcing. The survey places South Africa 7% behind China, which took first position regarding the number of jobs available in the telephone answering services industry. Singapore is another leader in the service industry providing UK companies with multiple choices when it comes to the call centres available.

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