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New Study Shows Philippines is Leading Location for Call Centres

The Philippines is now number one for call centres.
It has been mentioned in previous articles that the Philippines is slowly taking over telephone answering services from countries such as the UK and USA. The UK is finding it easier to deal with the Philippines because of the country’s better understanding of the English language. They also know their customers want someone who sounds like a native English speaker rather than a person with an Indian accent that is hard to understand. Call centres used to be about saving money. To a large degree they still are, but there is also a different outlook now. Companies in the USA and UK have been recalling their call centre outsourcing in order to appease consumers. Now they can still get the same benefits, just from a different place in Asia.
India was certainly a pioneer with offshore call centres and they are also one of the best in the world for IT services, but the Philippines is taking over. It is offering the same services such as third-party service providers, human resources, accounting and financing. The Philippines is also able to do so with minimal costs just as India has done in the past.
With a competitive industry getting more competitive, you as a business owner have a wider choice of options than before. You can decide what your consumers would appreciate more and still obtain the savings you require. It is true that the Philippines, a former U.S. colony, is small, but it has still overtaken India in terms of being the largest call centre hub.

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