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New solution allows engagement via non-traditional support channels

business hand pushing customer feedback on virtual screenA new integration from Zendesk will provide call centres with more ways to engage with consumers than ever before. The solution provides a way to access non-traditional support channels, enabling brands to turn comments, messages and reviews into two-way engagement opportunities. This could boost consumer satisfaction and loyalty and possibly lead to improved sales and better upselling.

Several companies around the world, including Trustpilot, eBay and Amazon, are already using Zendesk to optimise opportunities arising from reviews and other channels not normally utilised for support. For example, Zendesk automatically creates a customer services ticket when a new review is posted on Trustpilot. Telephone answering services can then respond instantly to the review via Zendesk’s integrated solution, enabling agents to answer any questions or problems mentioned. It also offers a way to thank people for their business.

Zendesk Senior Vice President of Product Development Adrian McDermott explained: “The future of customer service is immersing both service and engagement into the overall customer experience. Zendesk is strengthening the relationship between businesses and their customers by embedding customer service into the right places at the right time – and on any channel.”

Meanwhile, Trustpilot Head of Global Data Products Niklas Stephenson said that by using the Zendesk application, customers can respond more easily to reviews. This means brands can listen to consumers no matter which digital channel they are using.

Communicating with customers is essential in the modern era, and many companies have gone out of their way to diversify their channel offerings. Now, places where reviews are posted, for example, could also become places of interaction.



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