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New software offers customer service improvement

As any call centre manager will know, 2013 is all about customer service.  With consumers expecting more than ever from companies, it is crucial to ensure that telephone answering services are offering the best customer experiences possible.  Now, a new web solution is offering better first contact resolution and web sale rates.

The newest piece of software to the market is Genesys Proactive Engagement; technology that combines historical customer interaction with real-time behavioural analytics.  This allows executives to discover just when a customer should be engaged with, and which channel of communication is best.  This is particularly important when Forrester Research has shown that the US expects to see $115bn of wasted income in abandoned shopping carts.

Gensys President and CEO, Paul Segre, said: “Genesys Proactive Engagement provides engagement through any channel including voice, SMS, email, Web RTC and web forms, while leveraging contextual behavior from the web and interaction history across all channels.  This powerful combination delivers a new level of customer engagement not possible until now.”  One important feature is that the software is able to identify the best moment to invite customers to interact over a particular channel, raising the chances that positive engagement will be seen.

For call centres looking to increase efficiency in their multi-channel approach, optimising web applications is crucial.  With this newest piece of technology, first contact resolutions and, therefore, customer experience, can be significantly increased.

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