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New report links profit to customer experience

happyFor many years, call centres have known that it is essential to provide a high quality experience to keep customers happy. By maintaining positive relationships with consumers, loyalty can be built. This also increases the potential for word-of-mouth branding and sales. Now Genesys have shown that 59 per cent of executives who have prioritised customer services investments have noted increased revenues.

Working with The Economist Intelligence Unit, Genesys questioned 516 senior executives from 21 nations in a bid to investigate the impact of customer service quality on overall profits. They discovered that over the past three years, 42 per cent of companies in Europe have boosted customer services investment by around 10 per cent. In addition, 48 per cent believe that investments will increase by a similar amount between now and 2018. Investment is particularly popular in the UK, where 26 per cent of British-based firms said funding had actually risen by 25 per cent.

Genesys chief executive and president Paul Segre explained: “This study clearly demonstrates that C-level engagement in customer experience initiatives drives competitive advantage. In an era when consumers have more choice than ever, the research validates that investment in CX [customer experience] is a sound investment in sustainable competitive differentiation.”

For telephone answering services, the publication adds evidence to previously held beliefs that improving customer experience can be beneficial to an entire business. Spending more on this area can boost the bottom line.

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