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New Release for Enghouse Communications Centre

Call CentreAside from having a team of high quality agents, it is vital for call centres to have the best software at their disposal. This means that systems need to be constantly updated with the latest releases to keep things running smoothly. Now, Enghouse Interactive has released version 8.1 of its Communications Centre, allowing telephone answering services to access an enhanced omni-channel tool so they can improve their business.

Working with an omni-channel is becoming ever more important, allowing call centre agents to bring together customer information in one place, regardless of where or how people have previously contacted them. In Version 8.1 of the Communications Centre, a new TouchPoint Operator Console has been established. This provides better overall efficiency and context-sensitive alerting. Further refinements of monitoring and supervisor modes have also been made so the best quality and productivity can be gained from agents.

John Cray, product management vice president at Enghouse Interactive, said: “EICC 8.1 delivers on the vision of Communications Centre as the principal instrument for support, helpdesk and service teams to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently, whether by phone, email, SMS, social media chat, IVR, video or self-service web interface”.

For modern call centres, it is vital to have the best tools available. For those working with Enghouse Interactive products, the latest update will further streamline businesses.

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