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New PBX option delivered by Syntec

IP PhoneSyntec has revealed that call centres can now access a newly launched private branch exchange (PBX) system that is entirely hosted in the cloud. The new solution could enable many telephone answering services to save money by avoiding costly onsite phone systems.

Under the new system, Syntec manages calls by routing them at their own hosted locations. This means that the firm shoulders the responsibility of managing not only the PBX software, but also all of the physical equipment. This can make it a lot cheaper for firms that need to invest in a new phone network. It also means that companies will be able to access features such as fax to email, voicemail and conference calling.

Called SynPBX, the solution is hosted in the cloud to offer a fully resilient system that can consistently maintain uptime and be managed virtually. Its web interface has been made extremely easy to use. It is also very intuitive, which means it requires little training. There is a huge range of features for call centres to access, including softphone support, do not disturb settings, direct dial numbers, call parking, hot-desking, follow me and find me options, and voicemail to email.

In an era when companies must optimise their services and solutions not only to meet consumer demands but to drive down costs, Syntec’s new solution could be ideal for many firms. This is particularly true for newcomers to the field, who might have less capital to invest and are seeking more flexible, virtual opportunities.

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