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New headsets announced by Plantronics

Headset, Telecommunications,In addition to keeping up-to-date with the latest software, it is essential for call centres to spare a thought for hardware. One of the most important things for telephone answering services staff to be equipped with is a headset. Plantronics have recently announced their new lightweight, comfortable, durable and ergonomically correct headsets.

Anyone who has had to wear a headset all day knows the importance of comfort. The latest EncorePro 500 series has been developed specifically with frontline call centre staff in mind. As such, it provides many of the features required by this type of personnel, including over-the-ear, over-the-head and convertible models. In addition to the headsets, Plantronics are bringing next-generation USB audio processors to the field, allowing customer interactions to be improved because of the better audio quality.

Plantronics’ senior vice president and manager of Europe and Africa, Phil Vanhoutte, said: “With the rise of social media, smartphones and self-service, customer interactions are now in the public domain. Engaged and prepared customer interaction associates are vital to making every dialogue matter and end in a positive resolution.” He added that the latest raft of headsets would allow operations to become more efficient and create a positive experience for both customers and agents.

With customer experience so important in the modern era, it is vital for callers to have a positive and engaging time. This can be achieved by using the right headsets.

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