GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

New headset to support call centre agents

It has been revealed that a new Voyager Legend headset has become available, giving call centre agents an even more powerful tool with which to conduct top quality customer services.  For many telephone answering services, it is vital to ensure the best software and hardware are utilised, ensuring seamless efficiency and performance throughout the working day.  The new Voyager Legend CS headset includes a number of features, including noise cancellation, tuned audio and voice enabled controls, to make this possible.

Voyager Legend is well regarded as offering a great range of products for call centres to utilise.  The new headset has a variety of modern features, including its use of Smart Sensor technology that enables calls to be directed to headsets or phones and allows automatic pickup when putting a headset on.  This is particularly useful in offices where agents may be moving around, allowing them freedom to work in a variety of places.

Richard Rogers, head of Europe and Africa’s marketing division at Plantronics, said: “Today’s workforce needs a modern communications solution that moves throughout the day with them, from the office to the coffee shop to the car with the kids.  The Voyager Legend CS is built to do just that.”


For call centres wanting to optimise their workforce, the new headsets may be ideal, allowing an increased degree of flexibility without having to compromise on customer service.

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