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New Facebook tool offers next-gen gamification

Man using Facebook application on smartphoneFor many call centres, gamification is an essential part of agent motivation. Now, software company eg has developed a Facebook game that can be used to boost productivity for telephone answering services agents, helping to bring some competitiveness to the world of work and improve engagement levels.

The latest WorkRush 9 to 5 game is a Workforce Management game developed on Facebook. Set in a traditional office environment, players must work to optimise their performance and show clear work allocation techniques whilst juggling everyday challenges such as illness or worker stress. Throughout the game, players gain stars as they get their workforce to hit a new milestone.

Eg Software Chief Executive Elizabeth Gooch said: “eg’s software changes the way businesses interact with their people and the customers they serve and our new Facebook game is designed to introduce people to the principles that underpin our software in a fun way. It’s a continuation of our gamification strategy to improve user effectiveness by merging business and personal technology experiences.”

Even though it might seem like a distraction, gamification has been shown to boost worker productivity rates by as much as 79 per cent. A study conducted by Gallup in 2012 questioned 1.4 million workers and discovered that productivity and employee engagement are strongly linked. This means that call centres cannot have one without the other. By using apps and games to make the working life of agents more enjoyable, companies not only improve their overall business, but they can also see gains in customer service quality.

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