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New email software facilitates call centre optimisation

For growing call centres utilising multi-channel options, it is vital to carefully control each and every platform. Email is no different, and with many telephone answering services using nothing more than an email client and mail server, the time has come when processes require a little more intelligence.

The newest technology comes from Azzurri, who have added a knowledge management and email option called Eptica to their portfolio. Azzurri already have a Callmedia multi-channel call centre solution, and it is hoped that with the Eptica Connector, managers will be able to more easily manage the email aspect of their business. There are various functions that Eptica brings, including the ability to integrate knowledge management and email into processes either as a cloud computing addition or an on-site integration.

Stephen Wright, Azzurri Communications product manager, said: “Customer experience and agent efficiency would be high on any Contact Centre Manager’s list of priorities. Callmedia Expert Contact already does an excellent job here, but our customers can now gain tremendous advantage with integration into Eptica.” He added the main problem for many call centres is the cost of integration. But, with Eptica’s cloud computing option, it’s an easy addition for most businesses.

For call centres that want to optimise their customer services across all channels, the latest technological offering could be ideal, helping to service consumers both on the phone and via email.

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