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New dementia sufferer guidelines for call centres

It has been revealed by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) that call centres are to receive new guidelines on how to deal with dementia sufferers.  It is important that all customers using call centre services receive top quality care, and the new initiative has been created to improve the care of those living with mental illness.

There are currently 670,000 people in the UK living with diagnosed dementia, and the DMA’s guidelines have been developed in response to the Government’s Challenge on Dementia report.  It is incredibly important that call centres are able to identify and offer the correct service to callers who cannot make an informed decision, and it is hoped that the new guidelines will help protect dementia patients.  In addition, the DMA are also set to offer an ongoing support programme to the industry, providing education and advice on the latest guidelines.

Several key charities, including Dementia Action Alliance, Alzheimer’s Society and Rethink Mental Illness, have been involved in the development of the guidelines.  The Alzheimer’s Society’s Chief Executive, Jeremy Hughes, said: “Someone with dementia may be confused during a call and sign up for a product they don’t need or can’t afford.”

For those looking for a telephone answering service, ensuring that staff members adhere to the new guidelines could become a rising priority.  Protecting the most vulnerable people in society is essential, and being able to appropriately help callers with dementia is an area that businesses can’t afford to get wrong.

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