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New country in call centre market

Sri Lanka emerges as a call centre destination.

Sri Lanka is trying to fight its way into the call centre market. In 2012, the country has already emerged as a global source for some companies looking to outsource. Sri Lanka may not be in the top four, but they are on the top 100 list for IT/BPO and telephone answering services. Sri Lanka has one city in the top 14 list of top cities. Colombo, Sri Lanka is now in the 19th position for global outsourcing and part of the top 14 cities. They have improved their outsourcing services.

Outsourcing has also helped in the political developments the country is trying to make. They have improved security conditions. This is also one of the reasons they are being targeted for finance and accounting outsourcing. South Asia has grown in general as an outsourcing destination. It is not just about call centres. It is all types of outsourcing that is becoming more popular in countries such as Sri Lanka.

India is still in the top position with 13 of the top cities for call centres and outsourcing services. However, knowing that there is more of a choice than just India has helped make more companies feel comfortable. Call centre experts are something many UK companies need. If they want to keep up with the competition UK companies need to find an edge that will please their consumers. Proper customer service is certainly one way to go.

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