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New conference speakerphone ideal for call centres

Feel free to use this image just link to www.rentvine.comJabra has released a new speakerphone that is capable of turning any vacant space into a conference room. The latest piece of hardware is an ideal addition to any call centre, allowing executive meetings and helping to facilitate training.

The new SPEAK 810 includes an integrated USB cable so it can be connected to a tablet, PC or even a smartphone. It also has enhanced Bluetooth, which means it can be used just about anywhere. It can provide a charging location for mobile devices and tablets during calls and is integrated with various communication channels, removing any requirement for an IP end-point.

Giovanni Mezgec, Microsoft’s general manager of Skype for Business, said “Microsoft continues its working partnership with Jabra to ensure that their solutions are fully compatible with Microsoft Skype for Business. Jabra SPEAK 810 is an excellent example of this collaboration.”

A recent study suggests that one third of conference calls are now delayed because of problems establishing connections. Meanwhile, 15 per cent of many meeting periods is wasted getting the conference call started, whilst poor sound quality is also a frustration for many people. After discovering such findings in their 2015 survey, Jabra produced a speakerphone that works with up to 15 people in a room as large as 100 square metres.

Jabra’s managing director of UK & Ireland, Nigel Dunn, explained: “New ways of working are adding flexibility to working spaces, practices and hours. Yet productivity must also remain a priority for business success and for this reason so should enabling effective collaboration and concentration.” The SPEAK 810 could be ideal for telephone answering services that want to ensure smooth efficiency when conducting conference calls and training sessions.

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