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New cloud solution available for call centres

It is increasingly important for telephone answering services to ensure they have cutting-edge solutions at their disposal. Gaining a competitive edge is crucial to avoid losing customers to other companies. Now, call centres can utilise a new cloud tool called Interactive Intelligence PureCloud.

Built atop Amazon Web Services, the suite of tools has been designed to ensure that call centre agents and customers can connect in new and more efficient ways. Optimised for fast deployment, unlimited scalability and extreme reliability, Interactive Intelligence PureCloud offers a variety of functions, including PureCloud Social Customer Service, PureCloud Directory and PureMatch.

The latter function, PureMatch, is a complex program that attempts to match consumers with appropriate call centre agents based on a variety of variables. This means that customers get through to an employee who is skilled to answer their problem as well as someone who might have a better affinity with them.

Meanwhile, the PureCloud Social Customer Service flips the process, allowing consumers to choose which agent to speak to based on profiles, performance, wait time and service ratings. Finally, PureCloud Directory offers synchronisation with popular tools, such as Safesforce and WorkDay, whilst creating deep user profiles.

Dr. Donald E. Brown, the chief executive and founder of Interactive Intelligence, said: “With PureCloud, organisations have the option to deploy Edge devices within their networks that enable them to continue to operate even if the Internet is unavailable, and also to keep voice traffic on their networks rather than passing it over the public Internet.”

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