GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

New cloud-based software to revolutionise telephone answering services

It has been revealed that a new piece of software that is held in the cloud and accessed via a web browser is set to revolutionise how telephone answering services operate.  Quvu, pronounced queue-view, includes features such as a predictive dialler, call recording, CRM integration and real-time data to provide call centre operators with the best tools directly at their fingertips.

Quvu includes a varying number of aspects that are likely to be very beneficial to call centres.  Firstly, real time data provides people with the chance to react instantly to the changing commercial environment, allowing them to follow trends and provide customers with a top notch service.  A predictive dialler that is fully compliant with all Ofcom regulations means that staff efficiency can be increased, whilst both IVR and call recording are integrated to manage customer interactions.

Rachael Simpson, an expert on the new software, said: “It was important for us to make a product that could help UK businesses improve the way they operate, at an affordable price.  Quvu means that data analysis isn’t only available to multi-national contact centres, it can be available to every contact centre operating in the UK.”

With customer services being so important in the modern era, any new software that can optimise work processes is likely to be welcomed.  Therefore, with Quvu operating within the cloud, call centres across the spectrum will be able to access it.

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