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New call centre in Swansea

A new call centre in Swansea is expected to create over 360 jobs for the local community.

Nationwide Energy Service specialises in home energy efficiency and offer advice on solar energy and insulation. The jobs will be created at the firm’s centre at Swansea Enterprise Park and come only a couple of months after Virgin Atlantic announced 200 new call centre jobs in the city.

Dean Price, the marketing director for Nationwide Energy Service stated:

“The drive for energy efficiency has struck a chord with householders across the UK and so our business is booming,

“We’re visiting something like 4,000 homes around the country every week, and that means our communications system has to capture and organise a lot of information about appointments, orders and requirements from our people in the field,”

The company use self-employed surveyors who visit homes in the UK to assess energy efficiency. They then use third party companies to carry out any insulation work required.

Chris Holley, from Swansea council stated:

“This is fantastic news for the company and for the city as a whole during tough economic times.

“It’s very encouraging to see local businesses flourish and expand and it shows entrepreneurial endeavour is alive and well in Swansea.”

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