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New call centre brings 120 jobs

A new call centre opening in Belfast will bring Ireland 120 jobs. The news in terms of your company is not necessarily important other than there is one company that has decided to help the Irish economy by supplying jobs. This particular contact centre is industry and company specific so it is not one for you to use, but it does show you what consumers expect.

Most companies work with consumers who would prefer to have an in-country call centre rather than one in India, China, or anywhere else in the world. It is all about stimulating the economy they live in and getting people jobs. This is why it is important for you to consider what your consumers may want from you. If you have telephone answering services located in the UK, the chances are your consumers will be happier.

They will be able to contact your business 24/7, but they also know that their chance of speaking with someone that they can understand is higher. The language barrier with other call centres has been an issue in the past, and one that may have stopped you from going with a contact centre until now. There are now more facilities opening in-country that you can take advantage of, in order that your consumers are being supplied with the right service.

A business needs to make certain they are keeping their consumers happy by providing any contact, product or service the client might want.

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