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New application launched by Intelecom

Daily Business VHaving the right technology is crucial for call centres, allowing business processes to be streamlined and enabling agents to do their job as quickly as possible. Now, Intelecom is using the Salesforce AppExchange to debut a new piece of software that will provide telephone answering services with seamless integration to their multichannel cloud tool, Connect.

Using a multichannel approach has become increasingly important for companies, but it can be hard to handle everything without specific tools. As such, many services, including Connect, have been created to help keep all data in one place. The latest functionality for Connect has been designed with personalisation in mind, ensuring that agents are provided with a single customer view so they don’t have to search through multiple screens.

Integration occurs in the cloud, which means that call centres don’t need any on-site technology to use the service. Salesforce’s own customer relationship management tool is accessed via Connect. The app also lets employees receive multiple enquiries that span several media channels without requiring agents to switch between services.

Klaas van der Leest, Intelecom UK Ltd’s managing director, explained: “An efficient CRM system lies at the very heart of many organisations and linking it to the contact centre is critical to streamlining operations, agent productivity and delivering a seamless customer experience across multiple channels. The new app underlines Intelecom’s commitment to continual product development and reflects the strength of our long-standing partnership with one of the world’s leading providers of CRM solutions.”

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