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National Swine Flu Phone Line Launched Today

The national swine flu phoneline, a central call centre that allows thousands of people to receive infection diagnoses simultaneously, is to be launched by the Government as early as today.

The flu line, the backbone of the National Pandemic Flu Service (NPFS), is to be activated following a further dramatic rise in infection cases, to be announced by the Department of Health today.

The NPFS will allow flu diagnoses to be processed at high speed, with unique reference numbers given to callers with suspected swine flu to allow their friends or relatives to collect medication for them.

The decision to launch the flu line imminently was taken after it was discussed at a meeting of Cobra, the Government’s emergency committee, yesterday morning. However the service is expected to operate in an “interim” form to begin with, as further work by the Department of Health is still required to take it fully operational. This decision will also depend on the number of cases and the pressures they are placing on the NHS.

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