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Mutual customer service support an important call centre consideration

In 2013, call centres are increasingly looking for new ways to better their customer services and ensure that consumers get access to swift and helpful support.  Telephone answering services have always provided the ideal place for consumers to get information and help with products and services.  However, a new area in mutual support is being seen, with customers helping other customers.

The concept for mutual support is relatively new and is still gaining recognition in the call centre industry.  In this model, existing customers are provided with an interface where they can help new customers solve problems.  Though the concept has been around in the technology industry for years, business sectors are only just realising that this customer support model could be used effectively.

Consultant company McKinsey said: “Using customer communities to solve customer problems costs 10% of traditional call centres.”  In addition to reducing operating costs for companies, it also fills existing customers with a sense of pride.

One of the newer companies opting to use the model is O2’s experimental brand giffgaff.  This company offers financial investments, such as call discounts, to customers who are able to help other users.  Vincent Boon, the commercial manager for the firm, said: “Customer communities handle 85% of our customer support.”

Of course, call centres are still needed to answer more complex problems, but this new business model shows how the customer services concept is expanding in 2013.

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