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Multichannel use drives change in recruitment process

Call centerThe recruitment process for the call centre industry can be a challenging one, with firms needing to hire agents they believe have longevity within a company. Traditionally, this meant ensuring candidates had an excellent phone manner, which is something that helped to put callers at ease and provide people with a positive experience. However, the evolution of the multichannel strategy means that the recruitment process must also change, with applicants needing to show a new raft of skills if they want to be successfully employed.

In the modern era, telephone communication remains essential for telephone answering services. However, many call centres now need to have multichannel operations, too. This means that the agents who are tasked with using and administering such services also need to have a familiarisation with technical media along with the right skills to properly run and maintain such channels with consistency. The days of agents receiving calls and reading responses back from a pre-written script are long gone.

With an increasing number of call centres meeting consumer demand by starting multichannel operations, it is vital for firms to recognise the need to change their recruitment methods. The recruitment and training process can be extremely expensive, so it is important to have the most suitable candidates selected in the first place. This also presents the chance to reduce attrition rates by ensuring the right people are placed in the right jobs. For brands that are experimenting with different channels in a bid to keep customers happy, having skilled staff members with channel expertise can put firms in the right place for success.

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