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Multi-skilled agents essential for customer services consistency

Customer serviceTo provide high quality customer services in the modern day, it is vital for call centres to provide a variety of channels. However, this can result in an inconsistent approach to consumer care, frustrating people who are using a channel that is not properly manned.

In order to avoid this, telephone answering services need to develop a pool of multi-skilled agents who are flexible enough to be moved around when needed. By combining these pools with a workforce management tool, executives can predict traffic peaks on various channels and assign staff appropriately. It’s also important for call centres to recognise that people will have a natural aptitude for different channels and might not be able to provide a consistent service across all platforms.

Consistency plays a crucial role in improving customer services across various platforms such as webchat, email, and social media. Educating staff members should be conducted as a priority to show what is expected. This means that even if agents aren’t assigned to Twitter, for example, they know what is expected of their colleagues manning the platform. Transparency across the various divisions of a call centre can be an important way not only of ensuring everyone’s doing the same thing, but boosting morale at the same time.

By developing a pool of skilled agents who can handle various channels, firms give themselves their best chance of success. When consistency is prioritised, positive business gains can be expected.

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