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Multi-channel visibility needs improving

It has been shown that call centres urgently need to improve the visibility of their multi-channel operations if they are to succeed with consumers. A survey found that only 15% of agents working for telephone answering services are easily able to track consumers’ actions across different channels, making it hard for continuity of service to be offered. This can result in poor customer service overall; a factor that is not acceptable for many people in the modern business age.

In the joint research between Cisco and the Customer Contact Association (CCA), it was also discovered that nearly 50% of agents have to use up to 15 various systems to conduct their work. Whilst 90% of agents clearly recognise the need to have a single customer view, 72% admit that legacy systems are stymieing their ability to work well.

The CCA’s chief executive, Ann Marie Forsyth, said: “Organisations across every industry sector know that in today’s competitive business environment, delivering a consistently positive customer experience is vital to retaining both the loyalty and goodwill of existing customers, but also attracting new ones.” She added that greater visibility is required if all members of a company, including senior management and board members, are to recognise single-view importance.

For call centres wanting to get ahead, reducing the number of systems and making it easier to track consumers across various channels will be vital as the year progresses.

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