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Multi-channel options coming to mplsystems

MPLSystemsIt is clear that call centres need to adopt a multi-channel approach, and the importance of this has been cemented by mplsystems, which is to rollout omni-channel technology to major clients.  One of these new clients is Which?, Britain’s consumer watchdog, and the agreement between the two companies clearly shows the route that telephone answering services should be taking.

For modern businesses, it is vital to be able to talk to consumers across various degrees of communication.  Which? is a highly regarded and respected company, and the decision to roll out a multi-channel approach with mplsystems will be seen as a large step forward.  Other call centres can take note of this new partnership and use it to bring about the correct changes in their own company.

Mplsystems offers a way for companies to optimise their consumer engagement by keeping all information in one place.  The intelligent Desktop aims to provide agents with a single consumer view, regardless of the channel being used.  This means that customers can expect a better and more coherent service than ever.

Paul White, mplsystems chief executive officer, said: “Not surprisingly given their ‘day job,” competing for this project involved an in-depth selection process, so it’s great news that Which? chose mplsystems as their contact centre infrastructure partner.  We look forward to working closely with Which? as the project moves into its operational phase.”

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