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Multi-channel communication the biggest challenge for call centres

Implementing an efficient technological platform has been highlighted as the biggest challenge facing call centres in a new report by a leading consulting firm.  The report, which was commissioned by Altitude Software to identify the trends that could soon shape call centres across the United Kingdom and Europe, found that effective management of communication channels such as email, social media and telephone answering services is currently a luxury only enjoyed by less than half of the participants.

Unifying customer interaction platforms is not the only sizeable challenge facing call centres in 2013.  Process optimisation and performance increase were second on the list, with new communication channels integration and human resources issues also in the top five.  It would appear that the majority are now satisfied with profitability and the quality of service offered, as these issues were seen as challenges for less than 15% of those surveyed.

“This report aims to contribute to a better knowledge of the contact centre market in Europe,” Altitude Software Executive Vice President, Miguel Lopes said.  “This evolving reality requires more research, more data and better analysis to further our understanding of its issues, its potential and its future.”

This latest report again highlights the importance of effective communication when favouring a multi-channel approach.  Many outsourced call centres are now using social media and other creative outlets to engage with customers so they must manage the differing expectations to offer the best experience.

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