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Multi-channel approach vital for top customer experience

New research has shown that call centres will have to increasingly utilise a multi-channel approach if they are to excel in customer services.  In the survey conducted by Forrester Consulting, it was found that 75% of consumers will move from one contact method to the next if they feel unsatisfied with telephone answering services customer care.

In a questionnaire of over 900 companies who employ more than 5,000 workers, it was found that three quarters of customers who were unsatisfied with the first contact method would move to a new channel to try and get their problem resolved.  With 92% of companies including their customers’ experience as a top priority, it is vital to get satisfaction correct.  Meanwhile, 71% of people said that the best way a service can support them is by valuing their time, although figures have suggested that it is this area where many companies fail.  Many organisations put time and effort into one channel but are not consistent in their multi-channel approach, causing even more frustration at the consumer’s end.

James Norwood, a marketing expert, said: “Forrester’s data shows that customer service agents require all the necessary information at their fingertips to fully resolve issues on first contact, no matter the channel.  Implementing an ‘everyone serves’ mindset and the technology to fulfill it improves the customer experience and yields revenue-generating rewards, including increased wallet share per customer, cross-sell opportunities and new customer acquisitions.”

The research has shown that it is not only vital for call centres to use a multi-channel approach, but to ensure consistency across all provided communication features.

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