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Mplsystems offers solution to meet customer expectations

Contact Us ConceptCustomer expectations are at an all-time high, and it takes great effort for call centres to meet them, let alone go above and beyond. However, Mplsystems has shown that their IntelligentResponse tool could do just this, providing a way for brands to impress consumers and win loyalty. This could make the difference between finding success and being lost in an ever-increasing crowd.

IntelligentResponse has a raft of features to help telephone answering services agents excel when it comes to customer services. The solution has embedded automaton, allowing for social media, webchat and email customer services processing to be streamlined. The tool is able to utilise natural language processing, regular expression and keywords to process and provide intelligent responses to consumer support queries across text-based platforms.

In addition, IntelligentResponse automatically initiates workflow so that call centre agents can focus on providing optimised consumer care instead of becoming distracted with software. The tool also has an agent assist service. This means that if a query becomes too complex for the solution to solve itself, it can seamlessly hand the matter off to an agent.

In today’s world, it is vital that consumers receive a consistently high level of service. By using solutions like Mplsystems’ IntelligentResponse, organisations can arm themselves with the right equipment to take full advantage of market conditions. This means harnessing the power of automation and new technology to rise to meet consumer expectations and also go that little extra bit further.

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