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Mould webchat into messaging app for increased success


Webchat has become extremely popular with call centres as a way to improve engagement with customers. However, with the modern generation being more visually-led than previous cohorts, moulding webchat into a messaging app that allows photos and videos to be included can be a good move.


For telephone answering services, the emphasis on webchat should be serving consumers and providing a reliable and high-quality tool that allows people to get help immediately. Offering the chance to live chat with agents is well received in many cases, but it does have its limitations. This is why the best webchats have been developed to act like an instant email with the ability to include attachments.

By adopting this approach, call centres can offer an extremely responsive customer service without individuals having to share their phone numbers. However, with the ability to upload images and videos in addition to participating in live chat, consumers can get the help they need quickly and efficiently. In addition, although the business may not have someone’s contact details, they can keep a log of the chat history. This can be saved and stored, which is particularly useful if the consumer gets in touch again.

Webchat is one tool that is likely to see increased use over the coming months and years. Businesses and call centres that master its correct utilisation could gain many benefits, including an increased quality of consumer care, better loyalty from customers, and a higher level of satisfaction from those using the service.

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