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Motivating agents helps call centres excel

Trophy and medalIt is often said that a business is only as good as its staff, and this is never truer than with call centres. For a telephone answering services firm, agents are on the front line of customer services and branding control, and they are the ones who build a company’s reputation. For this reason, it is vital to keep staff motivated and performing at their best.

There are numerous ways for agents to be motivated, and often this has more to do with the environment they’re working in than the actual job itself. In-house perks work extremely well, such as a free lunch each week, home-baked goodies for employees, or “golden tickets” for those who continually arrived at work on time that can later be redeemed for gifts. Offering good practice gifts works particularly well, and agents with fantastic sickness levels could be offered triple time at holidays, for example.

Meanwhile, changing and motivating people towards the job itself can work wonders. Monthly trophies can be provided to the best agents, and “agent of the week” competitions can be run. Updates should be condensed into a monthly bulletin rather than a constant flood, and think tank outings can be enjoyed every once in a while.

Motivating agents is essential to building positive branding and high quality customer services. By taking the time to invest in employees, most call centres will thrive.

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