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Motivate agents with these simple steps

"Motivate" handwritten with white chalk on a blackboardHaving agents who are motivated in the call centre is vital if companies want to get the best from their staff. Unenthused workers can pass negative feelings onto the consumers they speak to even if they are trying not to. This means that if telephone answering services want to excel in consumer services, agents must remain motivated.

There are several ways to help boost agent performance and make each one feel like a valued member of the team. First, themed Fridays can help create a sense of fun, with dress-down days or special celebrations allowing agents to relax. Fun competitions, such as table tennis nights, can be a big help in break rooms, whilst providing workers with food, such as a pizza day or cheap vending machines, can help put staff members in a good mood.

Other organisational incentives can also be put in place, such as taking the time to recognise workers who might not be on the front line. Often, call centres focus only on their sales and customer services staff, but there are many more employees behind the scenes ensuring everything works. By recognising these people, companies can motivate the entire workforce. Finally, early finish incentives can also be offered for top performers, helping to motivate agents to excel and reach their fullest potential.

By keeping an upbeat and enthused workforce, customer services can be improved, ensuring a positive experience for all.

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