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Motivate agents with alternate commuting schemes


Call centres often have limited parking space, making it difficult for many employees to reach work easily. A rotating shift pattern is one way to ease this problem, freeing up parking spaces as staff members switch throughout the day. However, “Cycle to Work” and “Run to Work” schemes can also be used to motivate call centre agents.

It is fair to say that these schemes will not appeal to everyone. However, many agents who spend most of their day in a seat at their desk will find the chance to get some much-needed exercise to be attractive.

Cycling is a popular pastime, and telephone answering services can set up a Cycle to Work Scheme through salary sacrifice and salary plus arrangements, depending on a firm’s budget. A Run to Work scheme is also an option, particularly for workers who live relatively close to their office and want to benefit from some additional fitness. A person who is in reasonable shape should be able to manage three miles in around 30 minutes.

With both options, it is important that call centres set up showering and changing facilities, enabling agents to wash and clean themselves before starting their shifts. Cyclists will also need a place to store their bikes during the day, and it is a good idea to work with a local bike repair outlet.

Using these types of schemes can boost people’s fitness and generate a few endorphins ahead of an agent’s shift. This can help motivate staff members to excel at their jobs whilst also creating a sense of camaraderie amongst running and cycling groups.

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