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More than one type of call centre

By now we all know that a call centre exists for consumers to reach the customer support centre or for agents to cold call consumers.  Typically, in your business you will want the first type of call centre where you have qualified agents answering your phones to help consumers get the answers they need.  However, as there is more than one type of call centre it is important to understand what they are and how they might help your business.

An outbound call centre will have telephone answering service agents handling outgoing calls such as following up on overdue accounts, updating relevant information and reminding consumers that the company still exists.  The second type is inbound call centres where the personnel will handle calls that come in, such as updating information, answering questions and being as friendly as possible during the call.

There is another type of call centre that one rarely hears about unless you are already involved in the call centre industry.  A BPO or Business Process Outsourcing organisation offers one or more services for your business.  It might handle the entire business such as telephone calls, manufacturing and sales, or just a portion of the business.  Outsourcing is meant to save on the costs you face or increase productivity.  A call centre in the strictest sense is one that handles telephone answering services only.  For those who want virtual offices, a BPO-style centre might be most helpful over the standard call centre.

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